Mobile CCTV Tower: WT-1 Tower



Are you looking for a reliable, cost-effective high-tech security solution for your construction site, your property, your site or your event? Our mobile CCTV Tower is ideally suited for this task. With the high definition images and thermal scanning functionaly, it easier to keep an eye on your project or object day and night.

Why should you use the WatchTower camera mast to monitor your project?

When you choose our latest technology, you save money, time and worry. We follow technical developments and are constantly innovating. So you can be sure that you are receiving a product that is only aimed at one goal: to offer the best possible camera surveillance.



  • The towers are equipped with 4 thermal/optical turret analytics cameras,enabling them to detect all types of intrusions in all weather conditions.
  • Line perimeter detection linked to the monitoring station for instant
  • detection of intrusion and crime.
  • There are three power options:
  • Mains Power (110v or 240v) - Designed for sites with mains or generator power.
  • Hydrogen/Solar Power – Designed for sites where a weekly fuel change is possible.
  • Methanol/Solar Power – Designed for sites where there is limited access and/or no power up to 300 days at a time.
  • Our 6 Step Process to a 'Peace of Mind'

Our process is as robust as our WT-1 Tower. It’s quick and streamlined in order to provide our clients with a hassle free security solution

  1. Site Survey / Risk Assessment
  2. Design Bespoke Solution
  3. Agree Terms
  4. Deliver To Site & Commission
  5. Connect to Monitoring Station
  6. Site Protected


Enjoy the peace of mind that our clients have, with a 24/7 security solution on the go. Contact us now.