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   If I could have all cameras and no manned guards, then I would!

It’s not often that you’ll hear someone that owns a Manned Guarding Security firm say it, but after using Watchtower Security Solutions’ mobile CCTV Towers on multiple sites around Liverpool.

Thomas met Chris Finney, the UK Ireland Commercial Security Manager at Watchtower Security Solutions, two years ago. Since then, Thomas has four sites protected with the award winning WT 1 CCTV tower wit h more sites to come. It was looking at saving costs from using security guards that first attracted Thomas’ company to Watchtower.

"I’d 1 00% choose security cameras over guards any day."

Thomas Reynolds | Owner of Command Security Services

“We were looking at saving costs by not using security guards, to see what the difference would be price wise. That's how it all started. Since then well, if I could get rid of all security guards and just have Watchtower in, I would, on all the sites! They don't fall asleep on the job they are 24/7. There's always someone watching. I don't have to worry about guards disap pearing off site, not completing their rounds, staying in their cabins watching their iPads or laptops etc. Once the cameras are there, they're there, and they keep an eye on everything they don’t miss a trick!"

With over 450,000 inhabitants as of the l ast census, Liverpool is one of the largest metropolitan areas in the UK. Antisocial behaviour is by far the most frequent crime and it’s likely that this number is so high due to the citycity’s thriving nighttime culture. On top of that, according to the Crime in the Construction Industry ( Theft, vandalism and arson costs the UK construction around 800m every single year. That’s why it’s reassuring for Thomas that he’s had good evidence of the CCTV towers working effectively on site.

“We've had quite a few activations. Every time we set the sites up we always get the local kids or troublemakers jumping on the sites and testing it. The interesting thing is, that the ones that we put the cameras on, after the first couple of weeks of kids trying the sites and they've realised the cameras are there and they're getting watched. They leave it alone. On the sites that have a manned guard, anti social behaviour is more of an issue. The kids want to be chased off it’s like a game to them. But some of these sit es can be dangerous so we need to ensure they leave the site as quickly and safely as possible. At the minute with the sites we've got, 50/50 manned guards and CCTV. But if I could I'd have them all as cameras.”


The WT 1 CCTV tower is a large, robust mobile mast with sophisticated cameras and equipment encased in a CE certified unit all offering CCTV surveillance 24/7. It has achieved Secured by Design ( accreditation, an official police security initiative focusing on crime prevention through ‘designi ng out crime The towers are equipped with four thermal/optical turret analytics cameras, meaning they can quickly detect all types of intrusions in all weather conditions, minimising any resultant damage or loss. WhatWhat’s more, line perimeter detection is linked to the monitoring station for instant detection of intrusion and crime.

Because the tower is monitored 24/7 and has 360 coverage, it can see far and wide across the site and also acts as a great visual deterrent to reduce the risk of chance crime If anything happens, the key holder and the police are called but if it's something petty, the tower features an audio challenge function to speak directly to the intruder. If they don’t listen, then a 120-decibel alarm can be activated to further encourage them to leave.


For Thomas, it’s this function that has the greatest effect: “Anyone that’s not supposed to be on site gets challenged by the control room over the tannoy and they go off the site. By the time someone turns up to see what’s happening, they’re long gone.” Thomas’ use of cameras as part of his security has gone down well with his clients too: "The developers want the to wers because it’s so much less expensive than manned guards and clearly so effective The builders are sometimes less keen because they want manned guards watching the equipment. Once we demonstrate how good the towers are though, they are convinced. In this day and age everything's getting more technical isn't it? So,everyone knows that cameras are used now on a lot more things. I haven't had anyone turn us down because of it.”

Thomas has been delighted with his service from Watchtower Security Solutions. He’s hoping to book more for some more development sites in London soon: “The installation of the cameras was a really smooth service. The project team, led by Russ Ellis are brilliant. They can't do enough for you. I couldn't fault anything.Chris Finney’s been very efficient in getting everything set up. Everything's gone smoothly,we haven't had any hiccups. I would recommend Watchtower Security’s CCTV Towers to anyone looking for low cost security and high--value peace of mind!”