Temporary security to unburden you

Site security is no longer a concern with our wide range of security solutions. We are happy to help you with a customized proposal to optimally secure your event, location or construction site.

Our wide range of options ensures that we can always provide appropriate security advice.

  • Innovative camera security
  • Smart solutions for every situation
  • Private alarm center
  • No unexpected costs

Location security in theft-prone areas

Vacant real estate, a construction site, a remote or vulnerable terrain: locations that have no or little circulation (at night) are an easy target for theft. With the use of the right resources, we provide optimal security for these locations.

For example, our Watchtower solutions provide day and night camera security with pin-sharp images and a range of up to 160 meters, we work with the best security guards and our alarm boxes are the ideal solution for securing enclosed spaces.

Our experts will put together a customized proposal for you to optimally secure your property, construction site or other location. This will save you worries, time and money.

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Clear vision in busy crowds

At events, at utilities and (air)ports, crowds can cause a lack of overview and the risks that that poses. Our security solutions ensure that you have an optimal overview and can ensure the safety of these places.

Our Watchtower solutions are designed to stand out and send razor-sharp images to our private emergency response center. Our teams can act immediately through rapid detection, bringing situations under control in no time.

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Valuable property easily secured

Not every location lends itself to the safe storage of property, like valuable materials stored in a construction shed.

Our alarm box offers the solution. It allows you to easily secure locked rooms against intruders. In combination with camera security, the security of your property is arranged from A to Z. An app gives you full insight into your security.

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Watchtower Security Solutions has been an expert in temporary security solutions and mobile camera surveillance since 1993. We have gained rich international expertise and are committed to providing the best temporary security at locations throughout Europe.

Watchtower Security Solutions is part of Mosaic World.

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