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Watchtower Security Solutions build cost effective, industry leading surveillance towers to provide 24/7 protection to valuable, remote, vulnerable sites and property across the UK.

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  • Detect intruders quickly, minimising damage or loss
  • Save over 60% in the equivalent manned guarding costs
  • Comply with your site insurance needs
  • Trust in our Secured by Design (SBD) accreditations
  • Rely on rapid deployment of our high tech security
  • Be reassured by our permanent 24⁄7 site security
  • You are guaranteed high quality images from our optical and thermal live cameras
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We provide CCTV towers to a number of markets, including infrastructure, civil engineering, wind and solar farms, car parks, construction, vacant property, utilities, ports and airports, events and retail sites.

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Given the rise in theft, now is the moment to trust in the experts. Watchtower Security Solutions work in multiple countries around the world and have more than 27 years security experience. We have been awarded the sought-after Secured by Design (SBD), national police crime prevention initiative as well as Constructionline GOLD and Considerate Construction accreditations. Our security consultation, risk assessment, survey and installation process is as robust as our WT-1 Tower. It’s quick and streamlined in order to provide our clients with a hassle free security solution. Find out more about our team and processes here.

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Watchtower Security Solutions is one of the latest companies to join Secured by Design (SBD), the official police security initiative. Our team are delighted with our new partnership with Secured by Design. The WT-1 CCTV Tower is hugely popular, delivering a high-quality product for our clients and being cost effective, whilst also providing a deterrent to intruders looking to gain access to various sites and being adaptable for different industries. We are proud to be the only mobile CCTV Tower of its kind accredited by Secured by Design.

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Watchtower Security Solutions is part of a wider group which has been working across the world for 27 years. Informed by these many years of expertise, they offer industry leading, all-in-one surveillance solutions for valuable, remote, unstaffed and vulnerable locations. Watchtower Security Solutions’ key product is the WT-1, a large, robust mobile mast with sophisticated cameras and equipment encased in a CE certified unit all offering CCTV surveillance 24/7. It has recently achieved Secured by Design (SBD) accreditation. SBD is an official police security initiative focusing on crime prevention through ‘designing out crime’, acting as a measurable standard for quality crime prevention products. Thus, the WT-1’s SBD accreditation guarantees its effectiveness in reducing crime. The towers are equipped with four thermal/optical turret analytics cameras, meaning they can quickly detect all types of intrusions in all weather conditions, minimising any resultant damage or loss. What’s more, line perimeter detection is linked to the monitoring station for instant detection of intrusion and crime. They also come with three power options: mains power, hydrogen/solar power, and methanol/solar power. The benefit of the towers are threefold. Firstly, unwanted intruders on sites can be detected quickly, minimising damage or loss. Secondly, there are savings of over 60% in the equivalent manned guarding costs. Thirdly, often site insurance requires it. Because the tower is monitored 24/7 and has 360° coverage, it can see far and wide across the site and also acts as a great visual deterrent to reduce the risk of chance crime. If anything happens, the key holder and the police are called but if it’s something petty, the tower features an audio challenge function, so you can speak directly to the intruder. If they don’t listen, then you can activate a 120-decibel alarm to further encourage them to leave. To complement this innovative system, Watchtower Security Solutions provides a streamlined service, delivering the tower within seven days of the initial survey and even sooner if the request is urgent. ------------------------------------------------ Here's a piece of PR that went into the printed version of THS (Tomorrow's Health & Safety) magazine today. You can access the digital copy via this link: ------------------------------------------------- Building & Facilities News --------------------------------------------------- IFSEC Article re: Secured by Design award --------------------------------------------------- Further PR articles raising awareness of the Secured by Design accreditation ---------------------------------------------------- PR in relation to Constructionline Gold level being achieved

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Security Firm Awarded Cyber Crime Accreditations for New CCTV Security System

Watchtower Security Solutions, a worldwide industry-leading high tech CCTV security system company, has been granted the Security by Default (SBD) accreditation, a certification scheme aimed to help businesses find products that reduce their vulnerability to cyber crime and promote the fact that they take their digital and cyber security seriously. This award ensures and reassures customers of Watchtower Security Systems that the default configuration settings of their unique CCTV security systems have the most secure settings possible. The nature of the internet means that connected devices can be subjected to a cyber attack from anywhere in the world. Widespread attacks on connected products is a current and real threat, and a number of highly publicised attacks have already occurred. That is why the Police Digital Security Centre (PDSC) and the British Standards Institution (BSI) have collaborated and developed this accreditation. Watchtower Security Solutions supplies individuals and businesses with technical security solutions suitable to their needs. Working in multiple countries around the world, they have more than 26 years of experience in the industry, building bespoke 24/7 CCTV towers to address specific site security needs, from large infrastructure sites, commercial premises, industrial estates, utility companies, construction sites and military applications. In addition to the Security by Default endorsement, Watchtower Security Solutions has also been working alongside Designing Out Crime Officers from the Police Crime Prevention Initiative (PCPI), whose job it is to work with planning officers, architects and designers in order to create secure sites and developments and thus reduce crime. At time of going to print, Watchtower await their accreditation as a highly visible deterrent to effectively reduce crime therefore obtaining the Commissioner’s Certification Mark 'Secured By Design' (SBD) indicating that their product meets the high standards expected.

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