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Watchtower AI

Watchtower AI; an absolute gamechanger

Prevent false alarms with our innovative AI solution: instant, high-quality analysis of the entire imagery on site.

The new golden standard for camera security.

Fewer false alarms, lower monitoring station costs, and more time for careful follow-up on real alarms.

How does it work?

Traditional security cameras often generate false alarms by incorrectly identifying events such as moving branches, birds, or light reflections as alarm situations. The Watchtower AI uses advanced object classification. It is trained with diverse image datasets to recognise objects. By efficiently utilising AI, you reduce the number of false alarms to just 0.17 per camera per 24 hours. This leads to lower costs, less pressure on monitoring stations, and more focus on genuine alarm signals.

We employ advanced Artificial Intelligence to effectively secure various locations. With our innovative security solutions and expertise in designing customized plans, we protect your security sites more effectively against vandalism, theft, and unauthorized access.

The benefits of our Watchtower AI

The benefits

AI solutions don't count pixels; they've learned to classify objects, differentiating between a human, a car, and a building. For most AI solutions, analyzing all camera footage requires significant computational power and a high-powered cloud solution. But not with Watchtower AI. Our tailored AI solution operates on Computer Vision Technology, which demands much less computational power, allowing it to run on energy- and cost-efficient hardware.

And as for false alarms?
Since implementing our AI model, we've achieved an average of just 0.17 false alarms per camera per 24 hours, equating to 5 per month. Fewer false alarms mean fewer monitoring station responses and more time for careful handling of the genuine alerts that do come through. Watchtower AI ensures higher quality across the board!

Watchtower AI can be deployed for a much broader range of applications beyond traditional security.

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