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Security of parking facilities

Every inch of your parking facility protected

A parking facility is an often good source of revenue. But all those unattended vehicles can also attract unwanted guests, resulting in theft, burglary or vandalism.

About parking security

Camera surveillance helps you keep an eye on this situation, allowing your customers to leave their cars feeling safe, and you to secure your revenu stream.

How it Works

Every parking site is different and needs a different security approach. That is why we at Watchtower Security Solutions believe in tailor-making solutions. Together with you we determine where the weak spots of your parking lot are located and make an fitting security plan with to give unwanted guests no chance of success.

We have a wide range of solutions from which we put together the best combination for you. This gives you peace of mind and prevents your customers from feeling unsafe.A person behaves better when they know camera security is present. Watchtower Security Solutions' cameras are designed to be eye-catching and therefore have a deterrent effect.

For you, we make sure you experience all the conveniences of our solutions: from an app to manage security in, to a private emergency response center that provides arrowhead action when needed. Always with the latest technology.

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