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The mobile CCTV tower

This mobile camera mast is the solution to which we owe our name, and rightfully so. Reliable and affordable, this high-tech solution to secure your location has it all.

About the Watchtower

This mobile camera mast is the solution to which we owe our name, and rightfully so. As the UK's only Secured by Design accredited CCTV tower, this high-tech solution has it all.

How it works

This isn't your average CCTV camera mast. It's rigorously tested and police-approved to deter crime, stop break-ins, and give you ultimate peace of mind.

Our temporary camera surveillance with the Watchtower is plug and play: installed and operational within 1 hour so you are secured immediately. Per camera mast, two Full HD PTZ cameras keep an eye on the site.

Do the cameras detect movement? Thanks to video analysis with artificial intelligence, a distinction can be made between risk-free movement (of an animal, for example) and actual threats of burglary. Is the latter the case? Then our private alarm center immediately activates security. Sirens and/or speakers are also deployed to scare away the intruder.

Thanks to national coverage, the alarm follow-up is on site quickly and arrests the intruder.

Technical specs

Technical specifications

The adventages of the Watchtower:
Camera detection rangeDetection range up to 160 meters
Detection typeVideo analysis with artificial intelligence
Internet connectionIntegrated secured internet connection
Power supply230V with 48u back-up battery
Alarm monitoring24/7 connected to our alarm center
LightingBlue by default
Required space2,5 m x 2,5 m
Measurements520 kg | 6,20 m in height

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Temporary security to unburden you

Temporary security to unburden you

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