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Who are we?

We belief that an active community is the best security system there is. With our security solutions we keep vacant properties, infrastructure projects, construction sites, and parking facilities part of the community, and thus secure.

About us

We are committed to providing the best temporary security at locations across Europe.

How we do it

Our personal service makes all the difference: because we map out your needs and project together, we can provide you with the very best security advice. In this, we look at which of our products are best suited to your project and together we create a security plan that completely unburdens you.

The question we always start with is: how can we protect you optimally and unburden you completely? This helps us to offer you a complete solution from A to Z. We think along with your needs and challenges and we think ahead. We identify threats immediately and draw up a plan to minimize risks. We also arrange the implementation of this plan and monitor progress. You’ll have nothing to worry about.

That way, you can focus on what you do best: executing your project in the best possible way.

Core values

Our core values

Reshaping Urban Living Together

The advantage of a combined ecosystem

Mosaic world

We are part of Mosaic World, a set of organizations that work together to accelerate the rate at which community-building connections are made. At Mosaic World our purpose is to reshape urban living together. To do that, we oversee a set of organizations that work together to speed up the rate at which community-building connections are made.

We act as a community catalyst, connecting a wide variety of people with the widest variety of available, affordable living spaces, from raw concrete studios to carpeted flats; as well as providing services that help protect and nurture communities, keeping them safe and social as they grow.


Where the shortage of urban space and the realisation of suitable housing is becoming a major problem, B-Right Urban Living offers solutions in a sustainable way. We are working on a future in which affordable, comfortable housing is available to everyone who wants to live in an urban environment. But also a world where it is more than logical for people to find the facilities they need in their daily lives at the place where they live.

For long-term rentals, Plaza Resident Services offers students, starters and other ‘new urbanites’ high-quality living spaces as well as programs, services and management that foster social engagement and connection.

But changing cities are also full of properties standing vacant; properties that too often lead to neighborhood decline, but could become engines of urban rebirth when occupied by the right people: creative, flexible, engaged and responsible. Through Monoma, we find the right people, match them with temporary vacant housing and support them in making a ‘vacant property’ into part of a community.

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Mosaic World

Mosaic World

Reshaping urban living together

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