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Watchtower Box

Video surveillance, even in small places

Lightweight and compact, the Watchtower Box is a cost-effective solution when you don’t have enough space for our Watchtower but still want to secure your grounds or property.

About the Watchtower Box

The Watchtower Box is flexible: use it both inside and outside. Endless possibilities due to the easy installation.

How it works

Need to monitor more than 160 meters of construction fencing, don't have room for a Watchtower or do you have a problem with dead spots? The Watchtower Box offers a cost-effective solution. The small box is ideal thanks to its flexible use both indoor and outdoor.

The Watchtower Box is equipped with three high-resolution dome and thermal cameras with a range of 35 meters (3x), allowing for clear views of persons both day and night. Each camera has a viewing angle of 90 degrees. This brings the total viewing angle to an impressive 270 degrees. Additional thermal camera lenses provide excellent visibility in all conditions.

Technical specs

Technical specifications

The advantages of the Watchtower Box:
Camera detection rangeDetection range up to 35 meters
Detection typeVideo analysis with artificial intelligence
Internet connectionIntegrated secured internet connection
Power supply230V with 16u back-up battery
Alarm monitoring24/7 connected to our alarm center

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Temporary security to unburden you

Temporary security to unburden you

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