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Watchtower Security Solutions and Securiton AG join forces.

A recent earthslide in the Swiss village of Schwanden has led to a collaboration between Watchtower Security Solutions and Swiss company Securition AG.

Eight Watchtowers monitor the blocked & evacuated area and secure it 24/7 against unauthorised access.

Samenwerking Securiton AG

Watchtower Security Solutions and Securiton AG, like Watchtower a specialist in technical security solutions, were in advanced talks to set up a cooperation when the Swiss village of Schwanden was rocked by an earthslide. This unforeseen situation resulted in a flying start to the cooperation between the two parties. Immediately, the first Watchtowers were deployed to ensure the safety of the village and deter any intruders.

While the residents of Schwanden are temporarily relocated elsewhere, our Watchtowers are securing the enclosed area, residents' homes and possessions. The Watchtowers, which were delivered and installed within just one week, are equipped with advanced AI technology that allows any potential intruder to be spotted in real time.

Through this intensive cooperation, Securiton will deploy our Watchtower security solutions at other customers in Switzerland, in addition to the project in Schwanden. Watchtower Security Solutions and Securiton, albeit with a different look, still based on the same reliable and advanced technology you know from us!

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