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Camera surveillance with AI as a weapon in securing critical infrastructure.

In a world where geopolitical tensions and threats are constantly increasing, protecting this critical infrastructure is essential.

Power plants, gas pipelines and electricity grids are the backbone of our modern society. In a world where geopolitical tensions and threats are constantly increasing, just think about the situations in Ukraine and now Israel-Palestine, protecting this critical infrastructure is essential. A disruption in these systems can have far-reaching consequences for the economy and security. Immediate protection of this infrastructure is therefore of utmost importance.

After the recent incident with the Baltic connector for gas between Estonia and Finland, the Latvian government decided to do a full check on the critical infrastructure. This was immediately followed by the 'Joint Expeditionary Force (UK, Denmark, Finland, Estonia, Iceland, Latvia, Lithuania, the Netherlands and Sweden) to thoroughly review the security of their critical infrastructure.
Besides ideological motives, there are also the economic and criminal ones: recently, an Italian gang stole as much as 800,000 litres of paraffin from NATO.

The ports even have to deal with both: both the terrorist threat, as well as drug and human smuggling. The port of Rotterdam is investing heavily in rolling out camera systems to combat crime.

In August this year, the UK decided to secure their critical infrastructure using cameras with AI systems. This is exactly what we are also doing with our Watchtower. Our camera masts are equipped with an AI server in the mast so that we detect accurately; false positive and false negative reports are thus a thing of the past. By integrating these advanced detection technologies, our masts can identify unwanted and unauthorised intruders early and alert the control room immediately if necessary.