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Watchtower Security Solutions UK succesfully passed IASME IoT Cyber Assurance - Level 2

Watchtower Security Solutions UK has successfully passed its completion of the IASME IoT Cyber Assurance Level 2 audit, making us the first temporary CCTV security company to achieve this milestone.  This achievement highlights Watchtower's commitment to safe information and data management practices.

IASME, based in the UK, partners with expert organizations worldwide to certify businesses in cyber security and counter fraud. They aim to improve cyber security standards for businesses of all sizes.

By passing the Level 2 audit, we show our dedication to secure information handling. This certification assures clients and partners of our high standards in cyber security. Furthermore, thanks to this certification we align with the UK’s consumer connectable product security regime (PSTI Act) which came into effect on 29 April 2024.

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