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Watchtower Security Solutions introduces the Watchtower Guard

Watchtower Security Solutions introduced the Watchtower Guard today at real estate exhibition Provada. The Watchtower Guard is the successor to the Watchtower Alarm Kit, a flexible security solution for vacant properties and enclosed spaces, such as garage boxes, site huts, containers and storage areas.

Watchtower Guard

Consisting of wirelessly deployable motion sensors, a central unit, and a convenient control app, the Watchtower Guard is flexible and easy to install.

Alarm with visual support

Instant alerting in case of calamities and emergencies makes the Watchtower Guard highly suitable for temporary protection of a variety of objects.

The major improvement over its predecessor is that the Watchtower Guard not only sounds a loud alarm as soon as one of its sensors recognizes an intruder, it also immediately records and transmits footage of the report. This makes the Watchtower Guard not only an effective security application, but also a cost-effective and sustainable solution that prevents security guards from coming to a report for nothing.

Whereas comparable systems often only give an alarm notification, the Watchtower Guard also provides visual support for the notification. Crucial support that immediately shows whether an alarm concerns a stray cat or an intruder.