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"Investing in site security pays off more than it costs"

Security in construction sites remains a pain point, despite the high financial risks associated with theft.

The numbers don't lie: the number of bankruptcies are currently breaking records, with the construction sector being one of the hardest-hit. The underlying causes include inflation and sharply increased material prices, but also the financial setbacks that construction companies face due to the rampant thefts on construction sites in recent years, often attributed to inadequate security. However, an investment in smart security doesn't have to cost a fortune and can prevent a lot of suffering.

Some figures: more than one in five bankruptcies this year involves a construction company, and almost half of all companies in the construction sector report struggling with high prices for building materials. Additionally, there are the numerous thefts on construction sites that occur daily, with damages often easily reaching tens of thousands of euros. While theft insurance can provide some relief, preventing the theft in the first place is still the better option. Because, in addition to the direct costs of material loss, theft usually leads to delays in the work, and that's when the costs really start to escalate.

Smart camera systems for effective and cost-efficient security

Nevertheless, with today's smart camera systems, there are plenty of options for effective and cost-efficient security.

"More and more, the role of security guards physically standing watch is being taken over by cameras. Especially for securing construction sites, but also vacant properties, festivals, events, or critical infrastructure such as railroads, gas pipelines, and power plants, smart video surveillance is a particularly interesting option that doesn't have to cost much and can prevent much heavier financial losses," says Mathias Germeau, operational manager at Watchtower Security Solutions. "A limited investment today can ensure that your company doesn't go under tomorrow when it's too late, and you're faced with the financial consequences of theft or burglary. Even in times of crisis, security remains a smart investment that yields more than it costs."

Recognizing intruders and patterns like the human brain

Moreover, the most advanced cameras are increasingly on par with, if not surpassing, human perception.

"The most sophisticated video surveillance solutions, thanks to AI technology, make it possible to analyze the content of live images. Intruders, as well as specific patterns and events, can be detected and recognized in real-time, just like the human brain can, but without human intervention. In addition, cameras don't suffer from poor night vision or decreased concentration and can keep an eye on a larger area," says Guido Christ, technical manager at Watchtower Security Solutions.