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Technology driven security: a distress purchase worth making.

Our own Doug Edwards was a guest on the Wall2Wall Group podcast. From the ever-evolving security industry to the power of AI technology and addressing challenges head-on, this industry never sleeps and new technology stands as your best security solution.

The security industry is witnessing a shift in the field. In the words of our Business Development Manager Doug Edwards, "Technology is the best protection. Our clients may initially view security measures as a distress purchase, contemplating whether it's worth the investment. However, the reality is that the loss incurred without proper security far outweighs the short-term savings." Drawing parallels to fire protection, Doug highlights the necessity of having security measures in place even if the immediate threat seems unlikely.

A significant trend in the current security landscape is the reliance on on-site security officers. While a few officers are still necessary, the industry is witnessing a notable shift towards technology-driven solutions, which cost only 20% of traditional manned guarding. A practical and cost-effective approach: "Unlike humans, technology doesn't sleep or get distracted, providing instant 24/7 monitoring capabilities. With the implementation of our AI module and thermal technology, our technology driven solutions have led to a 91% reduction in false alarms, ensuring that security responses are targeted and efficient.

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