Site Security



   First of all, a security system saves you a lot of money. Theft, destruction, burglary, and arson disrupt work on a construction site or other type of terrain. Secondly, these sites are dangerous for unauthorised persons. Vandals and thieves often do not realise the risks of incurring personal injuries. According to the UK Law, all construction sites require: Measures to manage access across defined boundaries; and steps to exclude unauthorised people. You must also take sufficient measures to protect third parties from risks that may arise from the works.

If you fail to do so, you risk incurring higher costs in the unplanned event of damages to a third party as well as: Sometimes it is a damage compensation to a third party, but also:

  • Replenishing damaged tools;
  • Repairing the burglary or fire damage;
  • The time it takes to take care of everything else;
  • The time during which you cannot work;
  • Fines for when deadlines are not met.
  • All in all, the damage can be significant!

Mobile camera units are a good way to secure construction sites, industrial terrains, and empty locations.

A mobile camera unit is increasingly used to monitor public spaces, such as during events and in the case of nuisance. The white paper “Choosing a camera tower” lists the various functions of a mobile camera. On the following page, you can review all specificationsof the CCTV tower with the help of the six steps outlined in the white paper. One can instantly assess the benefits of incorporating the Mobile CCTV tower solution to meet their security requirements.

The perfect team: the WatchTower Box inside and the WatchTower outside
Place Description
Terrains and events The CCTV tower can be used in a variety of ways. Both on construction sites and other types of terrain, this mobile camera unit represents an attractive security solution. But a camera tower brings added value to events as well. The organisers of an event are often responsible for the event terrain, but how about the (pedestrian) access routes? That’s where incidents or disturbances regularly take place, precisely because they are not covered by regular security
Residential areas A community may sometimes be affected by loitering, burglaries, or arson. The use of camera towers in residential areas has a deterrent effect and also takes 360-degree images of the surroundings, which can lead to arrests.
Roadworks A mobile camera tower is ideal during roadworks. What happens to the site and the materials outside working hours? Are there dangerous situations that require preventative measures? Are the machines secured and do they risk being damaged or destroyed?


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